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Zoom wants to build its own ecosystem of apps for email, calendar and messaging, because why not?

Any company that gets big enough and gathers enough users always ends up wanting to build their own ecosystem. This is understandable, because having it all for users in a way that is coherent is desirable, and let’s be honest – it’s just a natural development of the company’s growth, I think. The latest company to do so is Zoom, which now has over 500 million installations on the Google Play Store. Their vision for the future is to have their own little bubble where users can exist by creating an email, calendar and possibly a messaging app for themselves.

I can see it now ̵

1; telling someone that my address to receive an email from them is michael.perrigo@zoom.com sounds and even looks funny (their appearance will certainly be funny), but it can very well be a thing before long. According to The Information, the company has already started developing a webmail client and is in an early call internally to build a brand calendar web app to complement it. They want these projects to implement “next generation” features, even if the details were not present.

When it comes to messaging, they can build a standalone app or not. Instead, they can only improve Zoom’s chat functionality. We could see something out of the company already in the new year or at least at some point in Q1 in 2021, but we will keep you updated. While Zoom aims to target companies as opposed to individual consumers, there is no doubt that what they develop may eventually drip down to us ordinary people.

Although I do not really use Zoom that much, I can not help but agree that this is good. More competition in the industry means that larger companies such as Google and Microsoft will be on their toes and hopefully innovate more than they have done in the past. It’s easy to get comfortable sitting on the throne. Every castle needs a siege or two every now and then, would you not agree?

Zoom stole a massive chunk of the internet spotlight during the pandemic by continually implementing new features such as unlimited 24-hour calls, smart screen support, enhancements (not to mention having security issues that they handled pretty well, actually!) Want to switch to, or at least create an @ zoom.com email address if it became a thing? Let us know in the comments! ->

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