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Zens aluminum wireless charger provides a potentially cheaper alternative to AirPower

The latest report suggests that Apple can finally launch its long-delayed AirPower wireless charger next month.

What is not yet known is the cost, rumors so far as pointing to somewhere in the $ 160-190 series. If it turns out to be quite more than you might want to pay, Zens has a new product that can make a suitable alternative …


Zens Dual + Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger offers the ability to charge quickly two iPhones and an Apple Watch. Considering that the upcoming Wireless AirPod case is likely to have less power than an iPhone, the charger should work as well as charging an iPhone, Watch, and AirPod case.

Dual + Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger features an ultra-thin design made of one piece of high-grade aluminum. The charger supports Apple Fast Charge and has a total maximum output of 20W that supports triple charging.

What does not offer are the same smart tech AirPower lifts: the ability to place any device on the charger. Making this work reliable has probably been the reason for the long delay in the release of the product. As Zac has recently noted, no one else has yet this trick.

But if you can live by placing your devices in pretty specific positions, the $ 99 prize can win you over. It will also be available in Europe for € 99.

Zens says that Dual + Watch charger will be available September 15th, probably around the same time that AirPower will be on sale. Existing wireless chargers on a device start with $ 10-15, and combined iPhone / Watch chargers of around $ 25, so the question will be what kind of premium you're willing to pay for the accuracy of an all-in-one solution.

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