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YouTuber eats 140K FF14 eggs in Big Twitch Marathon

I have often said that the best challenges for video games are those we pose ourselves. Here is YouTuber Ross “RubberNinja” O̵

7;Donovan to prove me wrong. Last year, the streamer made weird headlines by eating a whole pile of 999 eggs in Final Fantasy XIV. Now he eats 140 times that, a whole inventory is worth. There are almost 140,000 eggs. He is streaming the whole thing live, and he only eats egg dishes before he finishes. The stomach just seems to think about it.

The original Final Fantasy The egg-eating incident happened in August last year. As a chronicle in RubberNinja’s Twitter thread, when he logged into the game on August 15, a stranger gave him a whole pile of eggs. When strangers give you 999 eggs, you make them FFXIV history. RubberNinja started eating and chirping, drawing a crowd in the game as his character cut down half-gelatinous protein orbs one by one. The whole process took about an hour and a half, and everyone had a good time.

Almost a year later, RubberNinja is increasing its game by a total of 139,860 eggs. Instead of an informal gathering in the game, this egg-eating marathon is a live event streamed on Twitch. It has rules. It has bonus stream sub-goals. It even has a name: “Eggwalker.”

An ad for RubberNinjas Eggwalker Final Fantasy XIV egg-eating marathon Twitch event.

The plan is to flow the eggs that are eaten until every last one is gone. The original 999 eggs took about 90 minutes to consume. This time, with 140 stacks of 999 eggs, if RubberNinja eats at the same rate as last year, we look at 210 hours of sipping and chewing. The event could run even longer, possibly forever, as he will add a new pile of 999 eggs for every 1,000 Twitch subs he earns during the marathon. Should he reach 20,000 subs, he will shave his head to look like an egg.

In order not to throw itself over the dead, RubberNinja takes breaks during the stream to eat, shower, use the toilet and sleep. He has set up a simple macro to keep his character munching on eggs while he is AFK, who has the added bonus of getting around Final Fantasy XIVis free disconnection, recently enabled to combat server overload and long login queues.

I planned to ask Ross “RubberNinja” O’Donovan some questions, such as why he does this (apart from subs), why someone would do this, and just initially shouted “WHY?” on him until something happens. Unfortunately, I caught him cheating, so I could only watch his character swallow virtual eggs while a loop recording of O’Donovan saying “eggs” buzzed in the background.

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