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YouTube TV lets you download shows to watch offline

Paying for YouTube across the main service and Music allows you to download content for offline access. YouTube TV will soon allow you to download media for offline access.

After updating to version 5.06.2 of YouTube TV, the app opens a system alert “Are you looking for incomplete downloads”. This alert is very similar to the ones in the main YouTube app and YouTube Music.

The ability to download series or movies is not yet live, but that alert (and the new alert channel) is a sure bet that the functionality is coming soon, and that technical support is included in the latest release.

There will probably be different restrictions on how long content is available offline, while it is not clear if everything can be downloaded. There may be channel by channel requirements for this possibility.

You are offline

Go to downloads

Watch your downloaded videos

Meanwhile, the strings in the app confirm disconnected functionality. YouTube TV will alert you when you have no internet connection and refer you to a download page to see everything stored offline. A download button should appear when watching a show in an experience that should be familiar to the main YouTube client.

Download button

Downloading% 1

$ d %%

Waiting u2026




Version 5.06.2 of YouTube TV is now rolling out via the Play Store, with the feature likely to come to both Android and iOS.

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