Google’s YouTube TV offers over 85 live TV channels at its basic subscription level of $ 65 / month, but the company has experimented with special add-ons to offer consumers more choices. The Sports Plus add-on was introduced last year, and now Google Entertainment Plus is making its debut ̵

1; a package of three popular networks that can save you up to $ 60 a year.

Priced at an additional $ 30 / month, the Entertainment Plus package includes Starz, Showtime and HBO Max. That means access to original series like Homeland, American Gods and My Brilliant Friend, plus critically acclaimed films not found anywhere else. It also means that you can potentially save a good deal of coins.

If you buy each of the three supplements separately, it can cost $ 35 a month, which means the new package can save entertainment addicts $ 5 / month. It offers up to $ 60 in discounts each year – not bad if you already subscribed to all three networks anyway. Google notes that if you have already signed up for the add-ons separately, you must unsubscribe before ordering Entertainment Plus.

If you are interested in checking out the package yourself, it should be live now. Just go to your YouTube TV settings, navigate to the Membership section, and check the appropriate box.