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YouTube Music tries another ‘2020 Year in Review’

While we are well into the new year, YouTube Music seems to be taking another step to give users a 2020 Year in Review. Hopefully this iteration will be rolled out.

Google’s streaming service first looked at testing a “Year in Review” playlist of your best songs in November. It rolled out in early December with other genre compilations. One week after that, some users started receiving a “Your 2020 music journey” with some statistics.

Emailed, this is what subscribers really wanted from YouTube Music. However, this Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay competitor did not roll out, especially when January closed and February started.

Some YouTube Music members now see a “Year in Review”

; in the Android app. If you’re live, you can tap your profile avatar at the top right to find the rewind icon in the account menu between “History” and “Paid Membership.”

This “2020 Year in Review” is a mini-home feed of various kinds with four ranked carousels. The “My 2020 Year in Review” playlist is in front and in the center, while Google notes how many hours you have listened to and played counts for individual tracks.

  • My best playlists
  • My top songs
  • My best albums
  • My top artists

In terms of information, it is roughly on a par with the e-mail that some customers received at the end of last year, but lacks an overall statistic, including how many songs you have listened to, the total number of hours and the best listening month. That said, it offers a much more interactive experience and is ideal for sharing via screenshots.

As the first summary, this 2020 review is not currently rolled out, but YouTube Music is likely to opt for this approach instead of continuing the emails.

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