If YouTube Music does not lack a basic feature that you would expect to have had at launch, the feature is in extensive A / B testing and only available to a minority of subscribers. Just earlier today, one of the earlier changes was discovered: the ability to set a thrown track to repeat. Unfortunately, even though it was discovered in nature, the function does not actually … what is the term ̵

1; work?

The change was detected on YouTube Music subreddit, and I can confirm that it is live on my device – for certain definitions of “live”. The change actually allows you to select the repeat button and scroll through the options while casting, but it does not seem to affect anything. The person who spotted the feature claims that it disconnects completely after playing through once. My own testing was a little better: Choosing a single song to repeat was simply ignored, and the next song would be played. If I tried to repeat a full playlist or album, it would fail and the cast would crash with the following errors:

Error: Error.

The appearance of an interactive icon is almost certainly an indicator that the change is being worked on, but today’s news almost encapsulates the YouTube Music experience to date: If a feature is not directly missing, it is missing some people as part of a painfully slow rollout, or it is simply broken.

Someday, YouTube Music will be a full-fledged music subscription service and app – or at least it will meet the default value set by Google Play Music – but that day is not today.

Alternative evergreen title: YouTube Music has almost a basic feature you expected it to launch with, but it’s not available to everyone yet and / or corrupted