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YouTube for Android is dark theme begins to expand

In March, YouTube officially announced that a dark theme came to Android and the iOS app after first debuting on the new web version. It was first rolled out to the iOS client and is now finally starting to show to Android users.

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The function started rolling out last night with users who see the "Dark theme" automatically used with a popup at the bottom of the screen and note the new feature. There is an option to turn it off, as well as reject the query.

It can be invoked manually by going to Settings and then General. Just below Digital Wellbeing's "Remind me to take a break" feature, there's a new "Dark theme" switch.

Like on the web and iOS, the theme is more of a dark gray than a straight black color. The app's backgrounds, settings, search pages, and anything else that was previously white, adopts the dark theme. The compact, minimized video player and all the tabs are also treated equally.

Channels still keep their colorful appraisers, while the biggest effect of the dark theme is on the video page – where the video player is black before it's full. The first load experience is now less visually destructive.

The feature is still rolling out, but it looks like it's ready for prime time, rather than just an A / B test.

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