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YouTube extends its history story to more creators

The YouTube version of stories has some remarkable differences from the Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat feature that came before it. For one, YouTube stories can appear for seven days instead of just 24 hours. The videos can be monitored by both channel subscribers and non-subscribers and appear in the "Up Next" sidebar that cues related content to be played after you complete a video. Viewers can comment and comment on the stories, and creators can respond to these messages. These interactions can be seen by anyone who sees the story.

YouTube stories, first called Reels when introduced last year, had so far received a mixed response from the YouTube community. While some creators have used the feature, other major events on the platform have expressed reservations about the feature and have been slow to adopt it. With more YouTube users accessing it, there is a chance that someone may find interesting ways to use stories that will make it a staple of the site. It is appropriate for YouTube to try to crib off Instagram, though, as Instagram has attacked its territory with the launch of IGTV earlier this year.

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