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YouTube dark mode comes to Android last

You will believe that ownership of Google means that YouTube will prioritize adding features on Google platforms. After all, there are already too many app developers who first come to iOS and only to Android later (or never) that Google does not need to make matters worse. And yet, it was exactly the case with YouTube Dark Mode, already available anywhere except Android. Well, it's changing now, at least for those lucky few who have the feature that rolls out to their Android phones.

Now, do not panic if you still do not see the option. In typical Google fashion, the rollout occurs first in waves and in some countries. If the feature is available, you will be notified when accessing the YouTube app. However, you can always go to the General Settings options to turn it on or off as desired by Redditor Absinth92.

The lucky user said he just went to bed and after waking up, the YouTube app changed. Whether it happened automatically or he forgot to mention that it had to be activated first, we never know. Hopefully, it is the latter since not everybody can be a fan of dark mode being forced on them so suddenly.

The YouTube Dark Mode was released last year and came to the browser version on the desktop first. In March this year, it came on mobile, with "mobile" defined as "iOS". Ironically, it has been absent on Google's own mobile platform so far, but it is practically the case for most users who still do not see the update.

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