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You can turn a Mazda MX-5 into a classic Alfa Romeo 158 for less than $ 11,000

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Photo: Type 184 (Getty Images)

If you, like me, have ever wished for an old Grand Prix machine but did not have the money or motivation required to maintain a classic car,en I have some good news for you. A new Tipo 184-set can turn an old Mazda MX-5 Miata into an Alfa Romeo 158, a vehicle from the late 1930s that won the first official Formula 1 race at Silverstone in 1950.

If you have done so Viewed Ant Ansteads MotorTrend show Wheel dealers, then you may know what’s going on. This is Anstead’s latest project, and I have to admit: I’m a fan.

Anstead’s website shows very few details about this set (you must submit a deposit to learn more), but in an interview with F1 Geeks, Anstead revealed that Tipo 184 will offer both a set and a pre-assembled car. That way, you can decide if you want to get dirty and dirty to make your own Alpha – or if you just want the experience of driving one.

And … that’s a warning. The set includes everythingg you need to make Alpha, minus Miata. You have to bring it with you to do it yourself – but it will still be much cheaper than buying an old Alfa directly. And considering it’s a kit car, it’s not a perfect copy.

The set in all its glory.

The set in all its glory.
Photo: Type 184

The set has been announcedred as £ 7499, which is $ 10192 over here in the US. There is a 10-set limited number of starter packs, so if you want one, you will want to get your name started with either 75 or 50 percent down payment. If you are one of the first to buy, you also have the chance to build the car in Tipo 184’s workshop –with Anstead helps.

If that does not happen to you, there are no worries: the instructions are well organized in several different “chapters” that will guide you through one element of the car at a time. You will also be able to purchase these sets separately in 2021, so you can build and budget at your own pace.

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