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You can now reserve a pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phone line will reportedly debut on January 14th. If there is even a small chance that you can pick one up, you can now reserve to guarantee a pre-booking track when they become available, which they usually do right after an unpacked event ends.

Samsung’s page will take down some basic information like name, email address and zip code in exchange for dibs when you buy one of these new phones. You pay nothing to reserve your pre-order – Samsung will collect it when you have actually ordered the phone yourself. But what you can also do now is get an offer on a phone you might want to shop with.

You can get up to $ 700 instant trade credit on the purchase of a Galaxy S21

if you buy an iPhone 12 series phone or one of Samsung’s own Note 20 and S20 phones. It even offers up to $ 550 replacement credit for certain phones with cracked screens. Samsung only actually want you to pre-order one of these new phones.

Samsung reservation page

Samsung is not showing the Galaxy S21 yet, but it will soon.

If you reserve one of Samsung’s upcoming phones before the pre-order begins, you’ll earn $ 50 to spend on accessories like smartwatches and earbuds, and by using the Shop Samsung app for Android, you’ll get an extra $ 10 on top of that. There is usually another nice pre-order perk announced when the phones start. For previous launches, Samsung has offered at least $ 100 in gift cards in addition to other goodies, so it should be a good value if you are in the market for a new device.

You will probably want to catch up on rumors and leaks if you have not already done so, as there are many of them. First, Samsung itself confirmed that the Galaxy S21 will support the S Pen. We’ve also seen what appears to be a leak of the official teasers for the S21 series, showing some phone colors and the renewed rear camera setup.

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