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You can now make Microsoft Edge look a little better on Windows 11

With Windows 11, Microsoft brings a number of visual changes to the operating system, and it can be argued that they are long overdue. The company seems to be committed to bringing these changes to more places as well. For example, the Microsoft Edge browser will apparently look a little better in preparation for Windows 11.

The changes were detected by the Reddit user Leopeva64-2, which is already known for digging into new features in the Edge browser. If you go to edge: // flagg in your browser, you can now enable a new flag that allows visual changes based on Windows 11. However, the changes will also apply if you use the browser on Windows 10.

As for what actually changes when you activate the flag, well, that̵

7;s not much. You are not going to get things like the new transparent Mica material for now. However, you will notice that the browser menus look a little different. The text size for each of the options has increased, making things easier to clear. The menus themselves are actually a bit smaller, so there is less wasted space. Although it is a small change, it is a good change.

The icons for maximizing and restoring browser controls also look a little different, with rounded corners instead of a simple square. In addition, all window controls are now vertically centered on the title bar, instead of being adjusted to the top edge. All of this helps Microsoft Edge fit better into Windows 11 design.

These are relatively small changes in Microsoft Edge, but again, Windows 11 has only been in public testing for a few days. Both the operating system and the apps still need to be adjusted before the official launch this holiday season. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also added Windows 11-inspired design elements to the Office Insiders Office apps.

To try the new design changes in Microsoft Edge right now, you need to download Edge Canary. Then go to edge: // flagg and activate the flag named Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates and restart the browser. The option will eventually roll out to more users.

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