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Yoru & Viper finally gets Valorant buffers after several delays

It’s been a long time coming, but the power cord for Yoru and Viper has something to get excited about in Valorant. The many mentioned buffets of the two underrated agents are finally coming after several delays, but there is still a waiting time.

Riot has basically been talking about Viper buffs in Valorant since the dawn of time. The American controller has been on the fringes of the meta since the game’s release, and while some buffers in episode 1 helped her, she has stayed behind and wanted more.

Since then, the Yoru power grid has joined the chorus of complaints. The Japanese duelist failed to hit the mark at release. Riot has posted some changes in quality of life since, but the numbers need to change.

Viper and Valorant
Riot Games

Viper players, your time has finally come. Pen down Valorant patch 2.06 for some buffs.

Fortunately, both societies will have their prayers answered soon. Riot has confirmed that after a long series of promises, buffs will come in Valorant patch 2.06 and beyond.

The changes would have come earlier had it not been for the Valorant Stage 1 Masters. With the big international tournament taking place on Valorant patch 2.04, they have to wait until 2.06 to start posting the changes they want.

“For full transparency, 2.05 is likely to be a lighter update, in addition to keeping an eye on Astra’s launch and making sure it’s healthy,” developer Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm told Reddit.

“After this point, however, we have a gap in tournaments and some time where we might be able to post some of these changes in the 2.06-2.09 window.”

“We really want to post these changes as soon as possible as well. We only have so many sets of hands and a lot to juggle with – there are more changes we want to make than we can realistically send, so we have to prioritize balance. “


If the Astra lands in a good spot, the Yoru and Viper mains can expect some good news in the former half of the window. If Astra needs help itself – which may be the case – it will be in the latter half.

Riot has not shed too much light on specific details of the changes, although they want to keep the identities of the two agents the same.

“Viper commits to placing the smoke more than other controllers, but is able to smoke much larger areas for more of a round as a result, and her smoke is more threatening to push through or play around,” Altombre added. , especially on the Viper. .

“We are experimenting with leaning into some of these aspects to see if we can make her a better place for solo queuing without homogenizing her or degrading her identity.”

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