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Years Review: What was your favorite Apple product released in 2018? [Poll]

A few days ago, we recalled everything Apple announced in 2018. While there were some products we hoped to eventually not meet, 2018 was still a busy (and expensive) year for Apple fans. What was your favorite hardware release in 2018?

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As we explained in our report last week, Apple released significant updates to most product lines and also created a new category of devices. The year started with HomePods release in February, followed by a new $ 329 iPad with Apple Pencil support in March.

From there, Apple updated its MacBook Pro series in July, released the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in September, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4. iPhone XR launched in October, followed by the new iPad Pros, new Mac mini and new MacBook Air in November.

There is a lot to choose from this year when it comes to what can be your favorite product. Personally, I think my favorite Apple product from 2018 is Apple Watch Series 4. On the surface, the design changes can look subtle, but in everyday use, the larger screen and multiple rounded corners of the display are great improvements both functionally and visually. .

Furthermore, Apple Watch Series 4 Apple continues to move into health care. While the ECG was slightly delayed, it has already been shown to be a life-saving feature for some people, and there is a trend you should expect to continue as time goes on.

So what about you? What was your favorite Apple product release of 2018? Please let us know in the vote below and elaborate on the comments!

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