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Yakuza 0 is really cheap on PC right now

If your New Year's mission was to continue building your unplayed pile of shame at unsustainable heights, then you'll be glad to know that the first Humble Monthly package in 201

9 has two great games for $ 12: Yakuza 0 and Tom Clancy is the Division.

Play Division if you want – even if it is only two months until the release of March 15, but do not miss the payman-beat-em-up, karaoke-sing-em-up , turkey-bowl-em-up game that is Yakuza 0 . It is a game so ridiculously serious and bonkers that it tends to be ignored by people who think there is nothing but an open mafia game with too much talk and occasional, beautiful side-hunting, like Grand Theft Auto but with fewer cars and more Japan.

With a price of $ 12, it's time to figure out how wrong you are.

Why should you take out the price of a coffee (two coffee? I don't drink coffee) for a four-year prequel to a bunch of games you probably haven't played?

Kotaku 's review gave a glowing recommendation, and our own Luke Plunkett really wants you to play Yakuza . Don't shut down. You can also play Yakuza 6 afterwards, which has made quite a few 2018 GOTY lists.

If it doesn't convince you, maybe humble can. Their $ 12 monthly subscription – which you can cancel after downloading everything you want, without penalty – also gives you access to Humble Trove, an archive of over 60 DRM-free and original games. If you've used the Humble Bundle before, you know it can be a little hit and miss, but the hits are usually good enough to do more than make up for the misses.

Humble Trove includes famous games like Super Meat Boy, Trine, and Limbo, but we recommend checking out party games Keyboard Sports organizational strategy Wilmot & # 39; s Warehouse and murder mystery The Sexy Brutal .

But first you should play Yakuza 0 . Why are you still here? Go. GO.

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