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xQc banned again from GTA RP NoPixel after drama with “encouraging” chat-hoppers

Popular streamer xQc has again been banned from the NoPixel GTA RP server. The latest ban came shortly after he urged chat-jumpers to invade other Twitch streams after receiving a heavy prison sentence he did not agree with.

On April 6, popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel received his third ban from the popular NoPixel GTA RP server.

The streamer was previously banned for violating the server’s established rules, then once for using an unauthorized error to attack NoPixel’s police force.

This third ban came hot on the heels of drama involving other streamers who played as police officers on the server.

After xQc was arrested and sentenced to 224 months in NoPixel jail, he urged viewers to “chat hop”

; into other streamers, something he previously condemned.

In a clip taken from the livestream, after the sentence was handed down and he confronted the police about the time he had to spend in prison, he can be heard saying “thank god” when viewers announced that they went into other channels to vote their support for him .

As fans of xQc flooded into other channels, many of these streamers encountered harassment over the situation. Employee GTA RP streamer ‘Kyle’ who played as a police officer at the time the incidents unfolded, blew viewers to XQc for their actions.

“You jump from someone’s stream to complain about something no one did, to someone who does not even know you exist. You’re a sad f ** king idiot, ”he remarked to one of the xQc fans in his chat.

While the reason for xQc’s ban has not yet been confirmed, many speculate that it is linked to his recent run-in with NoPixel police. Lengyel has struggled to maintain a good relationship with streamers who play police since he banned the exploitation he used against them.

X also expressed his frustration and belief that his ban was related to criminal activity during his own role play on the server: “The police want everything their way. This is what’s going on [if you don’t get along with them]. ”

The streamer also addressed the situation on Twitter and admitted that “in the end [of the stream] I got unreasonably angry. He also asked his fans not to “spread hatred on anyone,” and not blindly listen to everything he had to say in the heat of the moment.

It remains unconfirmed whether xQc’s latest NoPixel ban is directly related to the chat shopping situation, but we will make sure to update you when the reasoning behind the ban is officially confirmed by the server.

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