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Xiaomo's new Mint Browser wants to refresh your browsing experience

Android users are spoiled for choice when it comes to browser options, from the more famous Firefox Focus, UC Browser and Microsoft Edge, to more niche Brave Browser and Puffin. Xiaomi sells many phones (IDC ranks them at # 4 in Q3 2018, with 34M units sent) and a large proportion of these. are low and middle units. The Mint browser has a low memory footprint, with a package size of less than 10 MB. In addition to the primary goal of having a small browser with data compression, it manages to pack most of the expected functions, such as tab browsing, an incognito mode, voice search, and a read mode.

The browser has the most standard features you can expect in 2018

In the test of the browser at the lowest end unit I could find (a three year old LG G4), it was quick to load and switch between. I suspected that it would be like Opera Mini, where the pages were rendered elsewhere, and a preview would be pushed to the device, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Pages like my speed test standard, Fast dot com, worked well too. You can switch the user agent between Android, desktop, iPhone and iPad.

It is impressive how Mint Browser balances functionality with size right now, but looks at Xiaomo's path with MIUI and their TVs, where they began inserting ads into the menu. systems, we would not be surprised if they start weighing it down with advertising and other bloating in the future. You can get Mint Browser from Play Store or download the latest version from APK Mirror.

 Mintbrowser - Small, Fast Web, Safe, AdFree
  Mintbrowser - Small, Fast Web, Safe, AdFree

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