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Xiaomi started working on its AirPower clone the day Apple canceled it, now it’s here

At a launch event today, Xiaomi debuted with its latest smartphone lineup and more. One of the new accessories is an affordable AirPower clone. And interestingly, the company says it started working on it when Apple gave up – it is today, two years ago. In addition to the multi-device charger, the company also claims to have cracked how to make wireless charging as fast as wired with a new wireless smartphone charger with super power.

After announcing the new Xiaomi 11 Pro, the company unveiled a well-known but new product, an AirPower clone. With an almost identical design (but slightly less rounded), this multi-device wireless charging pad has 1

9 built-in coils, allowing users to place devices anywhere on the surface. Xiaomi even showed it with an iPhone in the center (via Ben Geskin).

We’ve seen clones of Apple’s discontinued AirPower charger before, and they usually come with a compromise such as having two wireless charging slots and one fixed slot for the Apple Watch. And Aira has offered a similar charger / technology that Xiaomi has been introducing for a while now in the $ 199 Nomad Base Station Pro (but no Apple Watch charging).

But Xiaomi’s move here makes the AirPower clone super affordable. It’s going to sell for about $ 90. It seems to offer up to 20W of wireless power per unit. Remember, no Apple Watch charging, and it’s hard to know if or when it might launch outside of China.

Initially, Xiaomi said that it took two years to solve the problem of overheating the AirPower clone, which is exactly when Apple announced that they canceled AirPower – March 29, 2019. Apple never shared publicly why it canceled AirPower other than that it failed to meet their “high standards.” But there were several reports that it was actually the overheating problem that caused AirPower’s death.

In addition to the toad unit of several devices, Xiaomi’s new 11 Pro has wild 67W wireless charging which it says is as fast as wired charging at the same watt. To power it and the new Xiaomi Ultra, the company released a new 80W wireless charger.

Time will tell whether Xiaomi has been able to safely design and manufacture these new powerful wireless chargers and AirPower clones.

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