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Xiaomi Mi Mix will be the first smartphone to have a floating lens

Smartphone cameras have come a long, long way from when you would get really mediocre photos from smartphone cameras. However, things are different now, and most people do not even want a dedicated camera when they have access to a good smartphone camera. Although the cameras will not soon replace full-size cameras, they have still come a long way. That said, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix to be released later this month will be the first smartphone to provide a floating lens.

Xiaomi Mi Mix’s floating lens can change the smartphone camera game

The liquid lens in question will consist of optical quality liquid and be controlled either mechanically or electronically. Unlike traditional lenses that are rigid, liquid lenses are stretchable and will change the focal length on the go. They are also smaller compared to the traditional lens.

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According to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, the floating lens that will debut in Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​developed internally and controlled through an engine that allows it to focus precisely and quickly. The liquid that makes up the lens will be wrapped by a film so that the lens can change focal length and focus quickly.

Xiaomi has compared this to what human eyes look like. The formation speed of the liquid lens is much faster than the mechanical controls of a traditional optical lens, and provides much faster focusing speeds, according to Xiaomi. Jun also talked about how a single lens can work as a telephoto and macro lens, which is very impressive.

Xiaomi also claims that the optical fluid has high light transmission, ultra-low scattering and is resistant to extreme environments.

When you think that the smartphone market will be stagnant, we actually have something to look forward to. Let us know what you think about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix with this floating lens.

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