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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 can make an OPPO Find X

Maybe it's not common knowledge, but Xiaomi was the first company that really turned out that it was not possible to make a smart smartphone. Since the Xiaomi Mi Mix debuted in late 2016, the bezel-less trend has taken the smartphone market by storm, giving 18: 9 (or more) aspect ratios, chopping of all shapes and sizes, and even lifting cameras. Ironically, Mi Mix is ​​now the one that fills with others and that Mi Mix 3, like OPPO Find X, has a sliding camera.

The hint comes from Chinese microblogging service Weibo, so take it with a salt grain. It comes from Xiaomi President Linbin's account, but it's definitely more. Xiaomi has for the last two years refused to give up in trends, and prefer to have a very thin hook for the front camera than using a notch. However, this design may have turned out to be too ineffective and too old.

The image above shows an Xiaomi phone that can easily be confused with OPPO Find X. The only way you can tell that it is not & # 39; t is because the screen does not bend on the sides. There and there are more things that hide in the sliding part.

It appears that there are two cameras or at least two highly visible sensors. There is another opposite two, which may be the infrared camera. The speaker energy, which goes through a hole in the front when the slider is hidden, is also there. That's pretty much a change of Finn X.

Would it be enough to take Mi Mix 3 into the spotlight? It must do better than that. Both OPPO Find X and Vivo NEX S before using new tricks to get around the need for a notch, but have also cut some corners there, especially in camera quality. Perhaps Xiaomi can do what the other two could not and deliver a more well-rounded alternative. Xiaomi is ready to announce Mi Mix 3 once in October.

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