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Xiaomi does ‘no charger in retail package’ things better than Apple

Then it begins. In the footsteps of Apple, other smartphone manufacturers have begun to throw the charger from the retail package of smartphones for environmental reasons and reduce e-waste. The first brand to do so is the Chinese giant Xiaomi, whose latest flagship – the Mi 11 – does not come with a charging pad. Xiaomi announced the move a day before the actual launch, but the company has today revealed a fairly consumer-friendly move that will honor Xiaomi’s commitment to environmental protection and will also make many concerned buyers happy.

Xiaomi offers a 55W charger at no extra charge

Xiaomi has announced that will offer Mi 11 flagships in two bundles – one without charger, and one with a 55W GaN charger – for the same price. Yes. you are right. Buyers do not have to pay extra money to buy the Mi 11 package that comes with a 55W charging block. Xiaomi’s move kills two birds with one stone!

In fact, it shifts the responsibility into the hands of the buyers. Now customers can decide if they want a new charger with Mi 11, or if they can do with those who are already at home. In terms of cost, Xiaomi has priced the Mi 11 at ¥ 3,999 (~ $ 611), which is a very good value for the package. In fact, it will be one of the most affordable Snapdragon 888 phones of 2021 from a well-known brand, and if it’s something predecessor, the Mi 11 will offer unbeatable value for your money.

But before you get too excited, the offer is only limited to Xiaomi’s home market in China. “When it comes to removing charger in the box, the announcement is for the market in China. Xiaomi will offer two versions, one with a smartphone only, and the other with the smartphone and a separate 55W GaN charger as a package, both at the same price, “ registers the company in a statement shared with Android authority. We do not know if Xiaomi will expand its offering to more markets, but it will definitely be a welcome move.

Xiaomi’s implementation is technically the most effective way to sell the idea of ​​a flagship smartphone without a charger in retail in the name of environmental protection. By selling the charger at no extra cost to customers who really need one, Xiaomi sends the message loud and clear – it cares about the environment as well as the customers.

Maybe it’s time for Apple to emulate Xiaomi?

Apple set the bar for this “no charger in the retail package” trend, but for customers who buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max that can cost up to $ 1400, it is not annoying alone not to have a similar offer on the table. And with Xiaomi – a company that has often been accused of copying Apple – coming up with the better solution, buyers of a shiny new iPhone 12 will definitely feel the pinch even more now. Maybe it’s time for Apple to extend a similar gesture to its buyers?

First of all, I would definitely appreciate Apple launching a similar offer for iPhone 12 buyers. What’s even confusing to me is that Xiaomi offers an impressive 55W fast charger with the superior GaN charging technology. But Apple is asking buyers to spend an additional $ 19 for its noticeably slower 20W USB-C charger? Strange times!

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