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Xbox Studios Boss: There is no mandate that every game needs to be live service

Many games today embrace the live service approach where new content is added to keep things fresh, but the Xbox does not make it a mandate for developers to do so. Speaking to The Guardian, Xbox Studios CEO Matt Booty said that not all Xbox games need to have a live service component, although many will.

“We have no direction or mandate that says every game must be a continuous, continuous game,” he said.

Booty cited the Double Fine’s Psychonauts series as an example. It’s not exactly the type of franchise you want to link to live service, and Booty expects it to continue if the series grows beyond Psychonauts 2. In fact, Booty said there is no expectation that Double Fine will make a new game at all. that series.

“It may be a Psychonauts 3, but I̵

7;m not going to tell you [designer] Tim Schafer has to make it. “When I know the history of the games he makes, I do not think he will make a game that has seasons and continues for five years,” said Booty.

One of the benefits of buying so many studios and franchisees is that Microsoft can have its fingers in several pieces at once. While not all series from Xbox will be live services, some, including Sea of ​​Thieves and Halo Infinite will.

“Sea of ​​Thieves has a long life, and we’re going to start building Halo multiplayer around seasons, but [We Happy Few studio] Compulsion Games, our Montreal studio, was not told to build anything that will have seasons or six pieces of DLC or anything. “Tell me why it was an important story for us to get out there, but there is no mandate that they have to figure out how to make seasons for that game,” Booty said.

Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular in gaming today is scripting and user-generated content, and Booty said that this is something that Xbox can lean further into the future.

“With Forza Horizon 5, we added the ability to design challenges and obstacle courses. We’ve had Halo Forge, which lets you design your own multiplayer levels. In Flight Simulator, that activity is much more sophisticated,” he said. “So I think we’ll see it in the future, where people just have an expectation that they can do more through scripts and mods. And with the addition of Bethesda to the Xbox family, they have a long history of understanding how mods work – we’ve seen that with Skyrim. “

Also in the interview, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer discussed Xbox’s plans to expand game development work to new markets, potentially including India, Africa and South America.

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