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Xbox Series X | S-controllers have a practical hidden trick for changing device

If you’ve ever found it frustrating to move your Xbox controller from your console to your PC or mobile device, this strange hidden trick will probably save you a lot of time in the future.

The new range of Xbox Series X | S-controllers all work with the new consoles, older Xbox One consoles and Bluetooth devices such as PCs and smartphones, but they also have a new convenient way to switch between them without much fuss. Cataloged on Reddit and demonstrated by Timo Wolf on Twitter, you can quickly switch from console to PC / mobile by holding down the controller̵

7;s sync button, and then switching back to console with a double tap.

This only works when you move between a device that uses Xbox’s proprietary wireless connectivity standard and Bluetooth, which means you will not be able to unplug it if you use an Xbox Wireless Adapter on your PC. It’s likely that the controller can switch between the two connection types instead of quickly syncing with a new device, such as how Logitech LightSpeed ​​devices can do the same with a wireless dongle and Bluetooth connections.

The strange thing is that Microsoft does not explicitly advertise this functionality. Wolf mentions that he only came across it thanks to a Reddit thread, and that it is only briefly mentioned on the product page for the controls. Even when mentioned, the site does not explain how to use the functionality at all, so consider this as your latest life-saving hack.

This is just a feature of the latest range of controllers, which already come in a variety of colors. Microsoft Launched Three With Xbox Series X | S, which included the traditional black-and-white schemes as well as a striking blue and white combination. The latest is the series is a candy red and white alternative that has just launched.

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