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Xbox One X Long Term Review – Should You Buy One Now?

Xbox One X is Microsoft's attempt at a more powerful Xbox One, promising 4K resolution and HDR support in a body that sports a fresh coat of paint, as well as some other cosmetic changes. The Xbox One X was revealed on E3 last June, and it was sold in November 2017 in the US and other selected markets, with India in January this year.

We have used Xbox One X since its international release and shared our review of Microsoft's strongest console almost a year ago. With the first line of errors and issues taken care of and the Xbox One X gets some compelling additions, such as improved backward compatibility support, should you buy one right now? This is what we learned from using the console all the time.

Xbox One X Construction Quality
Xbox One X looks much like the more affordable Xbox One S, which is not a bad thing. The rectangular shape fits well in most entertainment centers, while it is durable and portable enough to move at work and home safely regularly. The power and disk buttons still have a nice click on them and none of the many ports, be it USB, HDMI or LAN, have never been loose either. A year later, it just keeps going well.

Thanks to the matte black finish, dust is less concerned than it is on units with glossy shiny material or the white Xbox One S. And when dust took up, nothing was to dry down with a dry cloth not fixing. This built to last, user-friendly design applies to the Xbox One controller it comes with; Its enhanced grip and robust analog pins are far from any of the issues we've met with Sony's controller this generation.

Overall, Xbox One X not only looks solid, it stays the same throughout the year after the release.

Xbox One X OS and Team
Since Xbox One was released in 201

3, the user interface has undergone several improvements, both small and large. From the removal of addictions on Kinect to add light and dark themes, much has changed.

After a year of almost daily use, we are not yet able to experience any slowdown or storage on Xbox One X. However, it says that this is the only Xbox One console that can run Microsoft's OS without any form for sobriety – something that the original Xbox One was notorious for and the Xbox One S was inclined to even, with extra memory and processing power seem to be


But if the Xbox One operating system needs 12GB of RAM

Xbox One X missing features
Talking about the operating system, some basic features are still missing. You can not copy recorded gameplay video or screen images to USB drive. Instead, you have to rely on uploading them to Xbox Live or OneDrive. Even the YouTube Xbox One app – which lets you upload videos directly to the service directly – has removed this feature.

The only license Microsoft has created is that you can record video of your game drives to an external hard drive or pen Run directly while playing, provided it has a capacity of at least 256 GB. This is a disturbing half-step measurement, especially if you're a casual gamer (instead of a full-time dedicated hardware for the task) just outside to share your game memories without fuss. Sure these issues also exist on Xbox One and Xbox One S, but they should not be five years after the original Xbox One was released.

Xbox One X Game Download Sizes and Performance
In our Xbox An X Notification at the launch, we regretted how Microsoft's download system needed some work, which with some games forces us to download them again, in instead of just getting their Xbox One X updates that brought 4K, HDR and a smoother frame rate to the table.

With more games to get Xbox One X enhancements, we've seen this change. For example, titles like Overwatch had their Xbox One X update time of around 600 MB, while others like Destiny 2 had a 6 GB update. Given that there is a big variation, but during the year we have not seen download sizes for the Xbox One X Enhanced Games ever, the three-figure figures they did for Halo 5 and Gears of War 4.

And the performance enhances these improvements have brought been huge. No matter if we spell hordes of hermits in Assassin's Creed Odyssey or exploring Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2, Xbox One X games played better and played more smoothly compared to Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4 and to and with PS4 Pro.

This was the case throughout the slate of games released throughout the year. Be the epic role play as Divinity 2: Original Sin Definitive Edition or Run and Award in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is Blackout mode, the Xbox One X version always came forward in the form of visual and felt smoother playing too.

Of course, Microsoft-developed games like Forza Horizon 4 develop full-featured Xbox One X hardware, making breeds through the British countryside feel extremely proficient. But Microsoft's own production in terms of new games to take advantage of the power of Xbox One X has been sparse this year. With Crackdown 3, Halo Infinite, and Gears 5 in development, maybe this will change. But if you look at the best way to play games without splurging on a brand new PC, Xbox One X has covered you.

Do you need a 4K TV for Xbox One X?
Short answer: No.

Long Response: An interesting feature of Xbox One X is that game levels at 4 levels have 4K assets or resolutions higher than 1080p would be super-sampled to suit normal full HD monitors. This means that even those who do not have a 4K TV can benefit from sharper image quality.

Since this is at the system level, each game improved for Xbox One X will look great even if you do not have a 4K TV. From Xbox One X titles supported by launch as Shadow of War to newer ticket like Far Cry 5, each game we tried tested on a 4K and standard full HD panel.

While the impact of visual faithfulness is welcome, HDR has so far been a mixed bag. Some games that support it like Forza Horizon 4 make full use of realistic lighting that gives a more natural image, but others like Red Dead Redemption 2 do absolutely nothing to enhance the experience. This is one area of ​​the Xbox One X performance that is far from consistent. But we would criticize it for game developers who prioritize other aspects of the experience, such as image rate and resolution over HDR, instead of Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Backward Compatibility One Year Later
Introduced on E3 2015, Xbox One Backward Compatibility has become one of the characteristics of Microsoft's console line. On Xbox One X, this means that you can play selected original Xbox and Xbox 360 games with visual upgrades and enhancements.

Classics like the original Xbox-Panzer Dragoon Orta, for example, run at 4K 60 frames per second on Xbox One X Not bad for a 16 year old game. Recent ticket prices like the Xbox 360 are The Orange Box, which includes Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, also runs 4K on Xbox One X now. Xbox 360 games like the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, Crysis 2 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are also playable via backward compatibility.

All these games look great on Xbox One X, despite having no custom console updates and a good reason to continue playing as your old library of games continues. Hopefully, this approach to Xbox One titles is considered when the final Xbox One sequel is revealed.

Xbox One X Storage
In our Xbox One X review, we discovered that the 1TB hard disk that came with would be a pain point, and You will need an external hard drive faster sooner than later. Soon up to a year later, we found ourselves filling up almost 5TB worth of Xbox One games over 1TB internal drive and an external 4TB hard drive.

Between new titles, Xbox One X updates existing games and a continuous stream of Xbox Live Games with Gold titles, we're down in our last 10GB or so. Remember that our usage case is extreme and not representative of what you can encounter when we try to review all multiplayer games on Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X 1TB drive is stored around 15 to 18 Xbox One X enhanced game will We recommend budgeting for at least one 1TB remote drive if not more. Reason, even if you buy games on disk instead of digital purchases, you still need to install all the data on the Xbox One X hard drive (or an external drive) – a decision that the company has stuck since the original Xbox One launch .

Xbox One X Awards and Availability
In the United States, Xbox One X is available for $ 500 (around Rs. 36,500), although there have been several deals that bring the price down around $ 100 and toss enter a free game to start.

In India, Xbox One X was launched at a price of Rs. 44,990, which was raised a month later to Rs. 48,490 due to customs escalation before settlement to around Rs. 38,000 on Amazon India for the console and around Rs. 40,490 with a game. Accessibility was a concern in India early with sources in the supply chain that told Gadgets 360 that the first consignments on the console were difficult to get by. With wider availability outside of Amazon and Flipkart, there is a chance that you can get a better deal on Xbox One X at your local game store.

What about pricing in gray and parallel channels? It is on par with what we have seen for the console officially. Considering that you lose the warranty when you import an Xbox One X or buy one in gray, we do not recommend any action at this time. At the moment, the local price is surprisingly good.

Are you going to buy Xbox One X?
If you own an Xbox One or Xbox One S and are invested in Microsoft's exclusive licenses like Halo, Gears and Forza, or take care of backward compatibility, an Xbox One X is a no-brainer simply because of benefits over both systems. Even if you own a PS4 or PS4 Pro, it becomes a bit more complicated.

Although Microsoft has made significant progress in improving its ecosystem, it still lacks the quality of games we've seen unique to Sony's consoles. Surely, the Xbox One X plays games best, but it's not like Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn or Gravity Rush 2 to boast. If you're the type that buys a console solely on the basis of the exclusive content, Xbox One X may not be for you. Particularly for a year as seen, Sony draws out some massive hits like the Spider Man and the God of War.

But if you have a fast internet connection, you want the best gaming experience, and are not worried about the lack of exclusive looks no further. Xbox One X is Microsoft's biggest hardware triumph in recent memory.

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