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Xbox One S and X Packages are $ 100 off (US)

As Christmas approaches, shrinks the opportunity to buy gifts for friends, family and – perhaps most importantly – even during the day. To help encourage people to complete their holiday shopping, many dealers now drive sales. And one of the best gaming deals we've seen is at Walmart, where you can save $ 100 on Xbox One S and X console packages. That means you can pick up an Xbox One S with a game for just $ 200, or an even more powerful Xbox One X and a $ 400,000 game. It's unclear when this deal ends, so do not delay.

Xbox One S consoles are available with a wide range of package games, ranging from Battlefield V and Fallout 76 to Minecraft and NBA 2K19. It is perfect for anyone who has not upgraded to a 4K TV and not planning to anytime soon. Here is the Xbox One S package available now for $ 200.

Xbox One S

If you or the person you buy has a 4K TV, you will probably get an Xbox One X instead. Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console on the market, and can create true 4K graphics, which means you make the most of your TV and console. Here are discounted bundles available at Walmart right now.

Xbox One X

If you need help choosing the model you want, see our Xbox One S and X console comparison, which describes the differences between the two hardware configurations in detail. And if you want help picking which package you want to buy, read our reviews of the games below.

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