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Xbox All Access is real and a good deal

If you do not already own an Xbox One, Microsoft makes a bold and aggressive move to get on board with its new Xbox All Access financing plan. The publisher confirmed the All Access program in a blog post today. For 24 monthly payments, you will receive an Xbox One X or Xbox One S with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for less than you would pay if you buy and subscribe to all of these Microsoft products separately.

This means you get the console, online multiplayer service (with its Gold game game), and Netflix-like Game Pass program all for a monthly payment. Game Pass, which lets you download games and play them at any time, has already created a reputation as an excellent value ̵

1; especially compared to Sony's streaming PlayStation Now option – but Microsoft is now amplifying the valuation of all its major game products.

This is the first time a console manufacturer has tried something like a major first-party financing plan in the United States and it can be very successful since so many people are used to paying monthly for things like their phones, video services and more.

"For no upfront cost and low monthly price for 24 months, Xbox All Access gives you a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, access to over 100 great games through Xbox Game Pass, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold, says Xbox Product Marketing Manager Bogdan Bilan. "There are more than 100 all-you-can-play games – including high-anticipated new Xbox One exclusive the day they are released, plus more games are constantly on the fastest, most reliable game network and an Xbox One console. "

The Xbox One S plan starts at $ 22 per month and the Xbox One X plan starts at $ 35. This is not a lease. Instead, it seems like buying smartphones from T-Mobile or other major The monthly payment covers the cost of the Xbox One belonging to you, and then the rest of the money is paid for the services.

But unlike the phone plans, Xbox All Access is actually cheaper than buying an Xbox One directly and then subscribing to the Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for two years. [19659007] Microsoft's Xbox Press Event on E3 2018. "width =" 1024 "height =" 567 "data-recalc-dims =" 1 "/>

About: Microsoft's Xbox Press Release on E3 2018.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Especially the Xbox One S plan is shockingly good. Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass is $ 10 each month, which means you will end up paying $ 2 per month for the next two years to own an Xbox One S. Hell, I pay $ 2 per month so that Gmail will let me continue to receive email. Microsoft says that this plan is a $ 130 saving, but I like to think it pays $ 48 for an Xbox One S.

Of course, many people pay $ 60 for one year Xbox Live at a time, which is a significant discount . So if you use that price, it's more like paying $ 7 per month for an Xbox One S. It's still a price that's hard to pass.

At $ 35 a month, the Xbox One X plan is a little more in line with retail prices, but it's still a great deal. Again, if you expect the gold and game pass is $ 20 per month, you only pay $ 360 for an Xbox One X (with the monthly gold price). Microsoft's powerful 4K console usually sells for $ 500.

This deal also works with any Xbox One hardware or bundle that puts the pot even longer.

Then it breaks down like this:

  • Xbox One X is planning $ 35 a month is $ 840 a total of over 24 months. A new Xbox One X with two 12-month Xbox Live subscriptions and gold games is $ 860. If you pay for gold monthly, the total is $ 980.
  • The Xbox One S Plan of $ 22 per month is $ 528 total. A new Xbox One S with two 12 month Xbox Live subscriptions and gold games is $ 640. If you pay for gold monthly, the sum is $ 760.

So what's the catch? Well, if you want a deal before the 24 months are up, you have to pay the remaining costs for the hardware and services. But there is not much of a catch.

The reason Microsoft can do this is that it will bring more people into their ecosystem, and it has also found that people who subscribe to Game Pass play and even buy more games. The reason for it is because they are online more often and they see deals or they see that their friends enjoy something and eventually buy it.

All Access can serve as a smart way to serve the audience who grows around massive games as fortnite. People are potentially entering the game on the smartphone or switch, and this plan gives them the ability to play in 4K on their TVs while at the same time accessing a large number of other games through Game Pass.

Finally, Microsoft Note that this is a "Limited Offer" and it is only for "Qualified Customers." But for those of you who have not filed for bankruptcy in Chapter 11, Microsoft will give you an easy and affordable way to get an Xbox. An X along with dozens of games.

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