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WWDC 2021: From AirPods 3 to new MacBook Pros, all the hardware Apple did not announce


Apple showed up a lot at WWDC, but no new hardware.

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Apples WWDC Events are always software driven glasses. Given that they are aimed at developers, it makes sense. With the rare exception of Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR in 2019, the latest WWDCs have kept the focus on what’s next in platforms like iOS, iPadOS, MacOS and WatchOS, as opposed to showcasing new gadgets.

This does not mean that not enough new devices were rumored. Here are just a few who were speculated to appear at Monday’s event, but who did not show up.

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WWDC 2021 in 11 minutes


New MacBook Pros, Mac Pros with an M1X or M2 chip


The M1-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Dan Ackerman / CNET

There have been many rumors that Apple is approaching the release of an updated MacBook Pro powered by new silicon. After announcing that it would be produce their own Mac processors at last year’s WWDC (what became known as M1), the introduction of a newer version of these chips would have suited this event.

It would also make sense for the new chips to fit into a new 16-inch MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, two of the power-focused Apple products that still rely on Intel processors. Although none of this materialized today, there are still rumors that the new computers could come soon. A report in April claimed that the next generation chip has already entered mass production, with Bloomberg noting new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros could arrive this summer.

Larger M1-powered iMac, advanced Mac Mini


The new M1-powered 24-inch iMac

Apple recently introduced one new iMac powered by the M1 processor, although it only updated the smaller 24-inch model while the Mac Mini was one of the first M1-powered Macs last year.

A transition from Intel to Apple’s M1 (or M1X / M2) for the 27-inch iMac would have been welcome, as a more powerful Mac Mini. Bloomberg has reported that Apple is working on both devices, but neither of them was announced at WWDC.

Cheaper Apple Display


Pro Display XDR.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple introduced the Pro Display XDR in 2019, but the expensive screen runs almost $ 5,000 alone – and that doesn’t even include the optional $ 999 stand. There have been some rumors that it is a cheaper screen, and Bloomberg reported in January that Apple was in the “early development” of a cheaper screen aimed more at ordinary consumers.

Like the others on this list, however, the new screen was nowhere to be seen at this year’s WWDC.

AirPods 3


The rumored AirPods 3.

52 sound

Another favorite of the rumor mill that led up to WWDC was the launch of new AirPods. The rumor of share a similar design as the AirPods Pro, there was speculation that the new AirPods would also have spatial audio support.

Apple spent some time hyping up new audio features in iOS 15, including add spatial sound for FaceTime. But it did not take the time to introduce new buds.

New Beats earplugs

Also on the headphone front, NBA superstar LeBron James was spotted with what appear to be new, unannounced Beats earplugs as he pulled into a playoff game last week. The Lakers star even shared some photos on Instagram. An announcement at WWDC would have been unexpected, but with the audio focus mentioned above and Apple’s focus on health and fitness, it would not have been a complete surprise.

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