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Works with Chromebook: explained and tested [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever picked up an accessory and wondered if it would work with your Chromebook, you’ve probably found that there are actually many things. Over the years, I can not count how many times I have wondered the exact same thing and just started connecting things to the nearest Chromebook. After all, with a fairly high success rate, I have simply found it the vast majority of times I try, things tend to “just work” on Chromebooks.

But that’s not true 100% of the time, and the fact that there has been no real way to know if something works well with a Chromebook or not, has been a real thorn in the side of many new Chromebook users. After all, most people do not like to buy and return things with the regularity that I do, so they just want to know in advance if a particular accessory is going to work or not before they leave the store with it.

So, in response to this clear need, Google has rolled out Works with Chromebooks initiative that we have discussed here on the page. In a nutshell, items are marked Works with Chromebooks has been tested to meet Google̵

7;s own Chromebook compatibility standards, so users can know for sure that the peripherals they purchase will work well with the Chromebook when they get home and remove it. You can read even more about all of this on Google’s dedicated landing page for the effort, but the idea is simple: these things just work.

In the following video, we put some of these elements to the test. We were sent some external devices from Western Digital that we did not remove from or try before the video, and we started plugging things in. We used 3 Chromebooks – 8th generation Intel, 10th generation Intel and AMD Ryzen powered devices – and simply tried everything. Disclosure notice: everything works right out of the box. From SD cards to external drives to USB Type C docks to keyboards and mice, things are marked Works with Chromebooks do what they are supposed to.

As part of this post and video, Western Digital was kind enough to give us 3 WD MyPassport Remote Drives to give away and you can come in to win in a variety of ways below. We hope all of this helps you make a more informed purchase in the future, and we really hope you come in to win one of these free WD MyPassport SSDs below!

My passport works with Chromebook HDD drives from WD

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