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Women's pockets are the only reason to buy an iPhone XS

iPhone X is dead. Instead, we now have three new options: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Apple loves to mention their phones stupid things as much as I love to complain about, and so we find ourselves in perfect synchronization. While I want to sit here, my teeth suck on the absolute dungeon who decided to call it XS Max and not just Max I may instead talk to a larger problem: size, size, size.

In 2018, Science ™ (or rather, The Pudding ) definitely confirmed that women's pockets suck. They suck especially for the technological knowledge, as only 40 percent of the women's wallet on the wallet could house the iPhone Xs 5.8-inch screen. It's bad news for anyone interested in getting XS Max (which I'm going to refer to as the iPhone Max, just as Apple should have done ). It's even bigger than iPhone X, or XS in the same size, with a 6.5 inch screen. Even the new launcher, the iPhone XR, comes with a giant 6.1

inch display. And although XR wants most of the features offered on XS for less money, for some of those who think of which new phone to shed a month's rent, the choice has already been made. Because you know, there is no room for the bad Max or XR anywhere on your person.

In theory, it's okay. If you want to buy a new flagship, XS and Max have both * squints on notes * Dual rear 12 megapixel cameras and enhanced True Tone Flash, a front 7 megapixel camera, enhanced water resistance and better battery life than iPhone X. Not a dongle because Apple really wants to pry the extra $ 9 of your cool wallet.

Together with X Apple, iPhone SE also killed a massively popular model that consumers have asked the company to update. XS is cheaper than Max with $ 100, to start, but for buyers who prefer a smaller phone, Apple has not many options. The smallest iPhone you can buy is now iPhone 7, with a screen that is 0.7 inches larger than the SE's 4-inch display.

Instead of trying to surpass itself every year by making even bigger phones even bigger, maybe Apple can try a fun experiment where it upgrades the features and size down. If Apple Watch can have a smaller size to fit comfortably with people with thinner frames, why not offer the same to an iPhone?

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