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Windows 10 Search will soon be able to retrieve data from Microsoft Edge

The Windows 10 Search interface accessible via the taskbar or Start menu is a great tool as it displays results across documents, media, people, apps, various Microsoft services and even online. Web integration has felt a bit lacking for a while now, though. First, it lacked proper integration with Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser, but that will soon change as Microsoft has begun testing a new feature for Edge that enables deeper integration with Windows Search.

If you have Windows 10 version 2004 / 20H2 or later installed, Windows 10 Search will be able to retrieve information directly from Microsoft Edge, according to a report from Windows Last. This means, for example, that if you have certain tabs open in Microsoft Edge, you will be able to see them in Windows Search. In addition, even your favorites, browsing history, and top sites will appear in Windows search results. There will also be an option to enable synchronization in Microsoft Edge, where if you have the browser installed on your mobile device (s), you can also access mobile browser history.

Photos via Microsoft Community user HotCakeX

This feature is currently available for only a small group of testers using Microsoft Edge Canary version 91

.0.831.0. Either way, it’s not working right now. According to the original Microsoft community post from the user who discovered this feature, turn off the Microsoft Edge data shared with Windows, and will also stop sharing new browser data in case you want to maintain your privacy.

As for other features we expect for Windows Search, we can finally get a more consistent dark mode experience. Currently, the search results appear in a bright theme that can be changed as Microsoft tests native dark mode support for Windows Search. There is also an option for adding weather and news modules in the Windows Search setup.

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