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Windows 10 gets an updated Taskbar.dll

One of the major visual differences between Windows 10 and Windows 10X is the taskbar, which has centered icons in Windows 10X.

It seems that Microsoft is planning to make some changes to the taskbar in Windows 10, as Windows hacker Albacore has discovered that Microsoft seems to be planning to move its code out of Explorer.exe to its own DLL, Taskbar.dll.

The latest Insider build of Windows 10 201H2 includes a new component, Taskbar.dll which appears to be a functional replacement for the code in Explorer.exe. Taskbar.dll is not in use yet, but seems to be functional, except for a somewhat broken search box.

If you move the taskbar code out of Explorer.exe, Microsoft can make faster component changes, and also have reliability benefits, as crashes in one component should not affect the other.

We should see that the changes appear in the next major version of Windows 10, the so-called ‘Sun Valley’ update, which will provide many visual improvements to the operating system.

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