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Why Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes chose the baby’s name

There is a special meaning behind the name of Sterling Mahomes.

During an Instagram Q&A, Brittany Matthews shared the sweet background when one of her fans asked how she and Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes decided on a name for their now 6-month-old daughter.

“When we got Silver (one of the couple’s pets), we tried to think of a name that fits Steel (their other dog),” Matthews explained. “We thought of Sterling and I said no, when one day I have a daughter, I want it to be her name. So then we found Silver instead of our puppy. So now we have Steel, Silver and Sterling. “

Talk about a cute background!brittanylynne / Instagram

Matthews and Mahomes, both 25, welcomed Sterling, their first child together, back in February, and they are both adjusting to life as a family of three. When a fan asked Matthews how her fiancé handles being a new dad, she said he’s still on cloud nine.

“He loves it and is the cutest! He loves her so much and it makes my heart so happy to see them hang out and be the best buds,” she wrote.

Mahomes enjoys life as a new father.brittanylynne / Instagram

Matthews said she was most surprised to see “how protective” Mahomes is as a father, and said they hope to have more children in the future. The proud parents have shared many great photos of their little girl this summer (like this one of her at her first football training camp), but they were not so keen on posting anything on social media right away.

Still, the couple shared the first photo of Sterling’s face in June, and she explained why the timing felt right while answering a question from one of her Instagram followers.

“I felt I could not leave the house, and when I did I had to hide and cover her. We were ready to start taking her seats and enjoy it and did not want to worry about people taking pictures of her and puts them out, she said.

Matthews revealed why she decided to share photos of her daughter with the audience.brittanylynne / Instagram

When an Instagram user said she felt guilty about leaving her baby in kindergarten while she worked, Matthews sent some encouraging words and said, “Never feel guilty, you have to do what you have to do!”

She revealed that she has a nanny who helps with Sterling as needed. “No specific hours, really only when I have something to do or we’re away on a trip!” she wrote.

The 25-year-old also described what she did to prepare her beloved dogs to meet her sister.

“Sent some things home from the hospital first so they could smell her scent,” she wrote. “When we got home Patrick held her and we let them sniff her ass while she was in our arms.”

The couple did not let the dogs get too close to Sterling for a while, but they have warmed up with the idea more recently.

“We gradually let them around her more and more as we became more comfortable and they began to realize how to behave around her,” she wrote.

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