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Which carriers support the iPhone XS and iPhone XR eSIM?

Apple today released iOS 12.1.1 to the public, and bothered in the release's release notes that it contains "eSIM for more carriers iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max". In accordance with today's iOS update, AT & T has officially become the first major US carrier to support eSIM for iPhone.

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AT & T Detailed Release In A Support Document Updated Today. The carrier explains that Dual SIM and Dual Standby support means you can have 2 active SIMs for a phone, "both are ready to go for a moment." With regard to the list of supported Dual SIM and Dual Standby phones, AT & T iPhone XS

indicates which number you want to use before sending a text, image or video message. Get messages from either number at any time.


Data is only available at 1 number at a time. Normally, select the number or account you want to use for the data session. But if you surf the net while calling, you must use the same number for both activities.

Connected to Wi-Fi®? The device will use it for both numbers (even if you are on a call).


Call? Select the number you want to use before calling. Remember: You can not call a number and call from the other.

Already on a call? You will receive a notification of incoming calls on the number you are using. Incoming calls for your second number go directly to voicemail.

In addition, Apple keeps an ongoing list of worldwide operators supporting eSIM functionality. In the United States, AT & T is the first major carrier to support the technology. In Canada, eSIM is supported by Bell, Fido, Lucky Mobile, Rogers and Virgin Mobile.

Throughout Europe, eSIM functionality is far more prevalent, as is the case in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and India. Read Apple's full list of supported operators in each region here.

If you are a subscriber to an operator that supports Dual SIM and eSIM functionality, please read our full guide for activating the feature here. [19659016] Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple News:

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