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Where’s the 17-inch Chromebook?

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a rant, but I think you’ll find some valid points along the way if you decide to stick around for my hike. Before I get too deep, let me first state that I am NOT a fan of larger laptops. I have owned a couple of the older Braswell-powered Acer Chromebooks 15, and for their part they were good machines. That said, I hated dragging them around in my backpack. Like my seniors here at the Chrome Unboxed Office, I spend most of my time tied to another monitor. I prefer a device somewhere in the range of 13.3 ″ – 14 because because it fits nicely on my desktop and feels much more portable than a 15.6 ″ device. I can throw it in the bag, and when I want / need to work on the go, I can bag it around without feeling like I am carrying a wide sword. It̵

7;s just me, but I’m not everyone else, and now I can get to my point.

We’re ten years into this little project called Chrome OS, and not even the platform’s founders could have predicted the explosive growth and exponential adoption it would experience in recent years. This growth was further accelerated when we found ourselves slamming a bit into a full-blown pandemic that reshaped the way we work and learn completely. Now, more than ever, staff and students are taking advantage of the cloud and the many ways to get things done remotely. Google was already well on its way to infiltrating the enterprise sector with ever-growing cloud solutions and the massively developed Chrome Enterprise platform. Now with Zero-Touch Enrollment, Google’s makes it easier than ever for enterprise administrators to deploy Chromebooks en masse without having to touch a single device. With so many remote workers and even students switching to Chrome OS, why have we not seen any devices larger than 15.6 ″?


That said, I’m not a fan of larger laptops, but those who need a lot of digital real estate that may not have a secondary screen or home office setup will probably jump at the chance to buy a Chromebook with a 17.3 ″ ” screen. I mean, seriously. Just head over to Walmart and quickly search for 17-inch laptops. Here I did it for you. Hundreds of units. There is clearly no shortage of 17-inch laptops on the market. As much as I do not like large laptops, it’s clear that there’s a big market for them, and I’m a little shocked that Chromebook manufacturers have not expanded their business listings to include Chrome OS devices in this segment. Google is doing everything in its power to take part of the enterprise market with things like Parallels that bring the Windows desktop to Chrome OS for employees who need older applications, and the Chrome Enterprise team recently launched the Chrome OS Readiness Tool to help companies. in the transition to Chromebooks and cloud-based infrastructure. Just this week, the Google Chrome YouTube channel dropped a thirty-minute video explaining all the ways enterprise customers can accelerate the transition to Chrome OS. I’ll drop it here if you want to check it out. It’s a bit dry, but there are many good things in there for administrators and business types.

I have to be honest, I’m actually a little confused as to why we’ve not seen major Chromebooks yet. The market is mature, and Chrome OS has matured enough to explore other areas such as tablets and removable products. And what about games? Google may not have a grip on Stadia’s direction at the moment, but that has not stopped the company from pushing the streaming platform, which happens to run very well on just about any Chromebook. Players like larger screens. With Stadia, GeForce Now and soon Steam, Chromebooks have quickly become the perfect place for casual and medium-sized gamers who do not want to spend a fortune on gaming hardware. A 17.3 ″ Chromebook would be really cute to play a little PUBG or SuperHot. Just saying. Anyway, that’s my little rant for the day. I’m getting off my soapbox, and hopefully OEMs are taking note that Chrome OS is not just for kids, and many users can benefit from a larger Chromebook if they’s on the market. Mind? Want to buy a 17.3 ″ Chromebook? Leave a comment below and give us your input.


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