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WhatsApp tests different playback speeds on iOS and Android

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If you have ever received a very long voice message on WhatsApp that you wish could go a little faster, WhatsApp apparently listened to you.

The app is reportedly testing different playback speeds on iOS and Android, according to WABetaInfo. The socket spotted the feature in a new update in Apple’s TestFlight beta program and Google Play beta app the last days. Per WABetaInfo, there will be three playback speeds available on iOS and Android: 1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x. The function is currently under development and is not available to the public.

In its report on the Android version, the socket stated that users would be able to change the playback speed of a voice message by pressing the speed label. You can check screenshots of what the alleged feature will look like below.

As with other developments, it is not clear that this will ever reach the mainstream. There is no specified release date.

Now I do not know about all of you, but I have a hard enough time listening to long voicemails from my friends as it is. Often, some friends who love voice messages will send me messages that are four, five, and even 15 minutes long. When I finish listening, it is sometimes difficult to remember the many topics they mentioned. FYI, a good trick is to reply via text in WhatsApp while listening, so that you do not forget all the details in the voice message.

This does not mean that I judge people who send long voicemails. I can not, because I do too. In fact, I sometimes joke with my best friends (who are the only ones on this earth who are willing to listen to a 12-minute voice message from me) that I do not send them voice messages, I send them podcasts. For those who inevitably want to ask why I do not just call my friends, it is a time zone.

So what do I think of when I see WhatsApp’s idea of ​​new playback speeds? I mean, I’m not saying this is a bad idea. There will probably be some people who find it helpful if it is ever released. But if I get lost while listening to long voicemails with normal playback speed, I can not even imagine what it will be like if I increase that speed. And that, well, I’m not sure if I’d laugh or get annoyed if my friends increased the playback speed of my messages (even if I did not blame them, my messages are too long).

Alas, to each playback speed.

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