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What's in your bag, Marques Brownlee?

What's in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a little more about their everyday interface by opening their bags and hearts to us. This week we are equipped with tech YouTuber MKBHD .

Marques Brownle's technological videos are known for their sharp and polished appearance, as are Brownlee and his studio. When we arrive, he is already waiting to get us to his studio, a spacious room with a range of well-equipped equipment. He even offers our video communities some lights that they set up.

Brownlee started making YouTube videos in high school, and 1

0 years later, at the age of 25, his channel MKBHD is one of the most popular technology destinations on the site, with over 7 million subscribers and one billion total video views . In January there is a tradition for Brownlee (and the rest of the tech press) to go to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, and we dropped his studio in Kearny, New Jersey, to see how he gets ready.

"I think this is my fourth or fifth CES. I think this is my fifth. It's hard to remember even what number CES this is. They all feel like a blur," Brownlee says. has learned over these years how to better navigate things like the convention center and Las Vegas with an additional 10,000 people in it. As it is not a common thing to do. But over the years it has evolved. " Editor's Note: 10,000 is a very conservative estimate. Each year, CES brings well over 100,000 participants to Las Vegas this week. ]

Brownlee opened his bags to show us what he plans to take and what camera equipment he brings to events

Brownlee is essential shooting for CES, including the red camera with modular parts and accessories, Microsoft Surface headphones, business cards, phones and more.

So why is there two bags, and why do you have everything separated?

I usually have a backpack, my everyday wear, I do not bring video equipment with me anywhere, but when I go to a show, like CES or a new product message, that it , I also take my camera to make a video, so there are two bags here.

Cool. Let's start with the camera bag.

I'm just going to start with the meat because it's the exciting part. camera with screen already fe Red cameras, if you don't already know, are very modular. You can attach a lot of things, loosen a bunch of things. Traveling with the entire camera is very difficult, so I don't. The only things on it are the SSD reader, camera store, Manfrotto disc, battery module, top handle, and side handle.

I've been hitting this setup, not just for travel, but generally for when I record video. I'm very comfortable with this as it is, so that's why I bring it. I love shooting with this camera. I feel that I almost owe a little of my style to how well the camera is on certain things. So, the Red Camera, the Monstro sensor is great.

How many batteries do you travel with?

Four usually, yes. If it's a one-day thing, maybe two.

Fun fact: I've been through many airports with this bag and I want to say that it's like a 90 percent percent of being stopped by TSA because when you are flying with batteries, the batteries look like these solid bricks for the X-ray machine. . Every time the TSA guy recognizes me, and he likes, "Should I find this RED camera?" I'm like, "Yes, that's what's in there."

Think Tank rolling camera bag and Herschel backpack that Brownlee uses at CES.

What's next?

The next would be talking about optional lenses. I have three lenses now. 24-35. It is a full-frame lens for the full-frame sensor. It's wide. It's f / 2.0. It's fast. It's not stabilized, but this is the primary lens I bring with most places. It lets me get first person shots. Let me turn around and film myself. It's great. It's a Sigma. Kind of understated, but they do really good things at very low prices. I can recommend this lens to people.

This is a Zeiss Otus 55. Super sharp lens. It's tighter, of course, than 35. These are kind of medium-sized shots that are of things I don't like. Maybe someone in front of me demonstrates something, but I just love the look that comes from this lens. It's not the most practical. The minimum focus distance is much longer than these other two lenses, so I find myself somewhat limited by that. But when I can use it, I try.

And last but not least, Canon is 100mm f / 2.8L Macro. This is another fantastic lens. Its smallest focus distance is very close. It's 100mm, so this gets super-tight macro photographs.

What about sound?

Rounding off the top half of this bag is Sound Devices 633. It is a mixer. It's a recorder. It is a Swiss army knife of all things sound. Now I do not sound on the show floor. I'm a little famous to never hear the sound of events. It's loud. It's crowded. There is another thing to think about. I'm focused on what to say later and kind of to remember what to say in my head as I shoot. I shoot for the editor because I am the editor. But when I return to the hotel room or a quieter room and pop in the SD card here, the microphone sticks in directly and this is all the sound.

The batteries on the back are Sony. They recharged. The last few months. I don't think I remember the last time I recharged the pair, so they are great.

So last, not least, down here at the bottom, a red and black XLR cable cannot go wrong there – and the microphone, this is the Sennheiser MKH 416. And I never use the foam cover when I shoot or when I record sound . I just put it in [the foam cover] to travel with, because it's just a bit fragile. A very expensive microphone.

Do you have any secrets or tips or tricks for CES?

My personal tip as far as what I do at CES is not trying to go as fast as possible. And for me this does not mean making sound on the show floor. It's loud. People are elbowing past you. This happens on all kinds of technical events, but there is no way to control all of these variables. So if I'm just focusing on video, catching all the things I want to show in video form, then I can take that movie back and sync audio and do it later because sound doesn't have to happen on the spot. So it's my only tip: actually taking my time and separating it with some quality since I know I won't be first anyway.

Brownlee wears a Herschel backpack and stands for a portrait in his New Jersey studio. 19659032] Let's move on to the other bag.

Then the Herschel bag. This is what is usually with me. This makes the way to the hotel room. This is with me on the plane. This is my more everyday bear that relates to the video equipment.

So first thing first: the laptop is a 13-inch MacBook Pro. I am no longer editing on laptops. It's a new thing for me, 2018-2019. So this is literally just a laptop to have a laptop, to make computers. This is actually not the latest gene. This is the one-year-old MacBook Pro, but it gets the job done. Just send e-mail and do all sorts of portable things you expect this to do, but you want to get into the hotel room with an iMac Pro at CES this year because I refuse to handle waiting for transcoding RED things. It's not in the bag itself, but that's why I only have a small 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Next up is maybe my favorite tech that came out all year. This is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the small folio case. Often I never take my laptop out of my bag because I can do just about anything I wanted to do on my iPad Pro. This is also the cellular, so it comes up on YouTube. It's Gmail. It looks at videos. It's all kind of little light editing. So, iPad Pro, one of my favorite things. I really hope the new iPhone looks something like the next year.

What do you use most of all this?

I want to say out of everything in my bag, because my phone is not in my bag, [the iPad Pro] would be the technique I use the most.

What about headphones?

To maybe a month ago, if you had asked me which headphones I chose, I didn't fly without my Bose QC35s. Then I found these [Surface Headphones]. These look better. These are more comfortable. These are lighter weight. These go all over the ear instead of just on it. The noise cancellation is almost as good, which is good for me, and the sound quality is great. They connect multiple devices, so my iPad, my MacBook Pro, and my phone simultaneously. They have a plate on the side for volume. They are USB-C. There are just so many better things about these headphones than Bose. So until they update Bose, I love my Surface headphones. They go with me every time I fly.

So here in the little upper corner of my bag, there is a small microfiber bag – one of my favorite features in this backpack – I have my AirPods. They are matte black.

What are you in there?

I have, if it's still here … yes that's it. I have a SIM card ejector tool everywhere I go. It is probably not a common thing to have, but as a guy who moves between phones often, I must have one. Razor included this in his box. It's great.

And then in front, this is just with me out of habit, but I have a small Sharpie, a small laptop. The chances that I actually write things down in this notebook are extremely small because I have the phone with me anyway, but you can never go without paper at some point, write something down. And some business cards. They are with me anywhere I go.

And in this last bag here I have a lightning cable. I have this little Swiss Army knife, this USB-C and full-size USB card reader. It reads SD cards and microSD cards. So on the one hand, there is a full size USB size. Pop it down, Micro USB. Open it up, USB-C. This thing is amazing. If you ever need to read a media card on something that doesn't have a card reader – that's most things now – this is great. This is made of … I don't know how to say it. Vanja? Van -ja. jaaa .

Are there any non-technical items in your bag?

The only non-technical item I think I have – because, as I said, it's all necessities – would be my extra contact lenses. Without contact I am almost blind. It just took me a flight to go back and get contact lenses for me to just put them in every imaginable place I travel. So they are in my backpack. There is more in my suitcase. There's more in my duffel bag. They are right around, so I will never have my contacts.

I do not carry so much non-technical, to be honest. Most of what I like to do when I'm not in production mode just crushes my computer or my iPad or something, so it's pretty much all I carry.

And that's it. That's what is in my bag and my everyday bag when I travel, when I do technical things when I am at CES. This is what comes with me.

MKBHD stands for a portrait in his New Jersey studio.

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