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What to expect from the technology sector in 2021

Leigh Drogen, Estimize CEO, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss his prospects for technology in 2021, and which companies will follow up on the progress they saw in 2020.

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We talk a lot about technology because it’s so important to our lives, so much during this pandemic. But the future, let’s take a look at the technical prospects with Leigh Drogen, Estimize CEO, joining us right now. And the focus on 2021, Leigh– The companies that brought us to this point we’ve celebrated this year, will we cheer next year, or will there be a growth path when we emerge from the pandemic?

LEIGH DRUG: Well, we̵

7;re looking at a couple of different groups there. The first group are the SaaS service companies we have trusted so much this year. And some of them operate in the background. But if you think about the growth in Shopify and Twilio and these companies that run all the internet products we use, and that give us the physical products we have bought this year, we do not see the growth in the companies taking a step back.

And when we look at the estimates on the Estimize platform, you know, three, four quarters, whether there should be a big shift in the growth of these companies or the consumption costs that affect the companies that the companies offer services to, significantly you will see that the estimate for growth knocks out. But we actually see that these estimates are growing significantly. Over the last two months, we have seen Shopify estimates increase by 15% on the revenue side. So we continue to believe that we will see a lot of growth next year in these companies.

Now the other interesting set of companies on social media. And this is where you can see a significant decline in revenue growth for these platforms when everyone comes out of their homes this summer with the vaccine. You can see less time spent on these platforms. And the friends of these companies are going to be very tough because we basically sat inside our homes last spring last summer. And so when we get around the curve here, these stocks may have a hard time dealing with income reports that are not as good compared to last year.

And to get closer to what you’re talking about there, with consumer behavior pretty much back to normal with hopefully tens of millions of Americans, you know, being vaccinated in the spring and beyond the summer, what do you think that means for stocks like Uber, Zoom and DoorDash?

LEIGH DRUG: Yes, there are also companies that may have a hard time next year when consumer behavior returns to normal. As for DoorDash, we have already seen the share sold by the stock exchange listing. And it’s again because the buddies are going to be really tough when everyone goes back to travel this summer, that we all go back to restaurants, so that’s not a name I would have been heavily invested in here.

Zoom is interesting, where you are in a more worldly growth in telework. Now, I think what’s happening here is that some of the stock was definitely very valued, as well as trading investors who came in front of potential people who took a bit of a step back from these platforms this summer.

I think the second reason it may have may be a bit weak here the last couple of months, and going forward is because 2021 is going to be the year when we probably see augmented reality starting to take over from staring at 2D screens. It’s very tough to stare at a 2D screen all day when you call, after a call, after a call.

And teleworking will only accelerate here as companies realize that this has not harmed them. In fact, for many companies, they want physical benefits. We’ll get new products, and these products may interfere with something like Zoom.

What’s going to happen to Twitter? Forgive me for going to old school here, but we’ll change the administration. We’re not going to have the president, you know, screaming as much. He may even be kicked off the platform, some speculate. So what is the future of social media and the world’s Facebook as well?

LEIGH DRUG: You know, and it’s funny. The concept of regime change is being discussed with Twitter a lot. And year after year, it just doesn’t seem to matter in one direction or the other. Now Twitter definitely benefited from the pandemic, like other social media companies, in a way. But really what investors look at Twitter for is that they can develop additional and secondary, kind of lines of what people are interested in on the platform.

And they’re really about, and the feeling for the stock is a lot about specific events. Are there lots of people who pay attention to the Super Bowl? Do they comment on it? Because these things happen every single year, and therefore investors want to see that they are constantly building momentum around these conversations. And I do not see the end of the pandemic necessarily affecting it.

And Twitter has been able to increase its thinking around these events over time. Obviously it has been rocky. It has been up and down for them. But overall, it has been up in the long run. So I do not see the Trump administration as such a serious matter for Twitter.

All right. Leigh Drogen is the CEO of Estimize. We appreciate that you are here, and we want to wish you a good, healthy and safe new year.

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