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What Tim Cook said about Elon Musk’s claim to be trying to sell Tesla to Apple

Other topics covered include:

To remove Parler from the App Store:

"In some ways it was a fair decision, because they did not follow the guidelines of the App Store. You can not incite violence or let people incite violence. You can not allow hate speech and so on. And they had gone from moderating to. could not moderate. "

"I hope they come back. Because we work hard to get people in the store, not to keep people out of the store. And then I hope they put in the moderate required to be in the store and come back, because I think it's better to have more social networks out there than to have less. "

On social media and the attack on the Capitol:

"I think the reinforcement of social media is something I'm very concerned about. And the targeting tools, the same tools that are used to target advertising, can be used to target misinformation purposes or extremist purposes. And I'm deeply concerned about that. "

"This was one of the darkest days in our history. And it played out in front of us all. I felt it was more of a movie or something, that it was something that was not real, that it could not be happening in the United States. "And then I hope the deep inspection happens."

On "data theft":

"I'm terrified of it. And then we have things that come out as a nutrition label for privacy. Privacy rules have become these multifaceted things that people just blindly say, I agree, so they can go to the next screen and move on. A nutrition label for privacy, like a nutrition label on food, gives you instant key information.

On epic games:

"It's about living up to the rules and guidelines in the App Store. And they had done that for years and had then clearly decided that they would not follow the rules anymore, and had given something through app review and then after that had been through app review, changed it on the server side. So it was a kind of fraudulent move. And then we'll go to court. We'll tell our story. We'll talk about the privacy and security aspects of the store. And we'm sure of our case. "

On Apple TV +:

"We are making serious investments in Apple TV Plus."

"For the same reason we're in products, we're about doing the best, not the most. And then in the TV Plus area, we're just about originals at Apple."

"We all put ourselves in it. It's not a hobby. It's not a dip in your toe. Because it's an original focus, we do not immediately have a catalog of 500 things in it. We are going to build over time."

When voting:

"I think we all have a wrong conversation about voting rights. We should talk about using technology. How can we make it so easy for our voting rights to participate in 100? Or it will be very close to 100. Maybe we will in the 90s or something. It's pretty banal. "

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