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What is your favorite Monster Hunter Rise weapon?

I wielded the long sword for … the longest time

Now that you’ve had a little Monster Hunter Rise under the belt it’s time!

Time to share!

Me? I have overturned the great sword. I know, it’s basic! But it is also very rewarding and fun to play.

The big sword not only looks cool, but it provides lots of control for hunters. It is powerful but not bulky. It also has several fashion abilities, which makes fighting even more engaging when you switch from offensive to defensive maneuver for a penny. It̵

7;s flashy too! There’s nothing like cutting your sword and letting it tear like you’re straight out of a samurai anime.

As a reminder, the game’s producer shared that the long sword was the most popular weapon in the demo, followed by large swords, then the hunting horn (which got a big buff in Ladder). So it is no surprise that the long sword is becoming a popular answer.

After mastering the long sword, I began to pull towards the hunting horn. I really want to get it down when I start playing more with groups online, and I’m still set on learning the two magazines inside and out just for the style factor alone. Next up is the light gun, as I probably should have a weapon in the repertoire for good measure.

But I know there are many of you out there who are also rocking some of the more esoteric weapons. Your voices deserve to be heard. Do the case for your chosen weapon!

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