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What is the most impractical car you have driven daily?

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Generally, it is best to buy a car that fits into your life, not one that you have to rearrange your life to fit. Sometimes, though, things don’t work out that way. Sometimes your love for a car is so deep and so deep that you are willing to care for yourself and sometimes your family and friends to make the relationship work.

I can not say that I personally have a good example of this in my rather short car ownership history, although I would say that the Fiesta ST I drive is certainly the closest answer I have to this question. Yes, it is a four-door hatchback, which seems quite practical at first. At this point, however, I have made enough vertebrate cross-country trips and wholesale stores driving to know that a car that is a little also small and tough can be very inconvenient in the most important moments when you need them to be anything but. At the very least, it tends to get me out of certain driver tasks because no one wants to be stuck in the back seat.

I answered wishes to have to this question, however, is none other than GR Yaris. I would love nothing more than to have an even smaller, less practical hatchback that ruins my life, for the simple reason that it’s a special homologation. I would have endured all the nonsense if only Toyota would give me the chance.

So, what absolutely impractical, inhospitable car have you tried to live with, and how did you get the flawed relationship to work?

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