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What do you think of Pixel 3 XL (so far)?

Pixel 3 XL leaks have happened hard and fast, from a full unboxing including video to basically all possible angles. While it's likely that more surprises are coming, it feels safe that we almost know everything about the biggest of Google's (probably two) upcoming phones. If you've followed up with leaks when they land, what's your opinion?

For whatever reason, Google decided to take the most controversial design feature in 201

8 and turn it way over 11 years. Even people like me who are not bothered by hacking in other phones have developed a new meaning specifically for Pixel 3 XL. The alleged forced movements for navigation on the new hardware can also lead to a few strong emotions.

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From the glass back to the big chin and chop pulls Google from almost all the latest industrial design trends at once and if our comments section is an indicator, There are many vocal critics when it comes to all these things. The proverbial ones often say that "beauty is in the eye" and we have all seen quite a lot of (formally unannounced) Pixel 3 XL the past week.

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