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What are you going to play before Sekiro: Dark Souls or Bloodborne?

After harvesting a lot of time for Death's Gambit a 2D-action RPG inspired by the series Dark Souls I'm now curious to jump into the soulful genre. 19659002] Previously, games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne scared the hell out of me and I avoided them at all costs. I have grown a bit older and wiser since then. Death Gambit is like finding a very deep song and then finding out that it's a cover from a band I could never get into, but now I will go back and dig through the crates and absorb what did the originals are so good.

So in this week's views, I agree with Kotaku s Heather Alexandra and Gizmodo Tom Caswell to ask the question: If I could only play a "Social" which shall it be? Heather does the case for Dark Souls while Tom thinks I should skip them and go straight to Bloodborne .

Watch the video for full discussion. Here's an excerpt:

Heather: If you could only play one of them and you want to know what's up with Dark Souls things, you should play Dark Souls dummy! What are you doing? But if it's an genre you might look at later and do a lot of things, I think it's important to return to the original so you can appreciate all the changes that happen in the other games. You can see in the Death's Gambit how they deal with health are similar but different and I do not think you appreciate these differences without seeing the original roadmap. Know your story, gosh darnit.

Tom: I think that while Dark Souls is still a very nice game, it has become far removed from what the Soulslike games have become. Bloodborne was the final way to experience this. One of the big things is that it updates the speed. It's just a much faster game than any of the Dark Souls games before and you can see when they made Dark Souls 3 they were like: "Oh, we're going to borrow this fast-paced I felt that we came from Bloodborne . "

I tried to get into Demon Souls back when this game came out, and from Demon Souls to ]] Dark Souls to Dark Souls 2 I tried and tried. I thought there's something about this that says "play me", but it felt just to punish. Bloodborne has this very cool mechanic, if you are attacked by an enemy, if you return quickly, you can get some of that health back and instead of feeling I was punished, it felt like I was was incentivized to jump on. It taught me to go back and play Dark Souls 1

and 2 better.

Paul: From the little I've seen Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice it seems that the game incentivizes you to be a bit more offensive. I'm much more offensive to fight and hear about Bloodborne makes me interested because Death's Gambit does a very similar thing for rewarding you to be a bit more aggressive with the way you play and I love it. Heather: I want to say that one of the things Dark Souls does better than Bloodborne ] is the fact that Dark Souls allows you to make different characters more and try out more different styles of play. I believe in Bloodborne which is very fun and I like it a lot – the pace tends to remain the same from playthrough to throughput.

See the whole episode to hear more. Be sure to check out views every Tuesday. If you want to watch it on YouTube, it's a playlist.

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