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What are all the complications of the leaked Apple Watch & # 39; Series 4 & # 39; the face?

In addition, the new Apple Watch face that we expect for watchOS 4 and Apple Watch "Series 4" contains a remarkable nine complications and a terrible amount of data for the user for a moment. AppleInsider details what they are.

When Apple leaked a picture of its upcoming Apple Watch Series 4, it was the most attention it was on the hardware. Nevertheless, along with the gold giant, the larger display area and possibly slimmer body, it is the face.

This brand new Watch Face is a combination of several olds that Apple describes as Activity, Utility and Chronograph. It is reminiscent of very high analogue clocks, but looks better.

About hour, minute and other hands there are nine complications and each one is clear and clear. Or at least they are clear and clear to see: it's not the same as knowing what each of them does or is for.

What's Happening on the Face

With all the Apple watches released so far, you've been able to change any of the complications to display data from third-party apps. So you can count on your To Do tasks from OmniFocus, for example, and start that application by tapping the complication.

Probably it will continue to be the case, but surprisingly, all nine of the complications in the leaked image appear to be of apple. We still expect you to tap any of them to get more details from the dedicated app on Watch. .


The top left of the face is a countdown timer currently running. Given that it shows 14:59, it may have been set to count down 15 minutes, but there is also a progress line that appears to be longer than a second.


Around the middle of the Watch face are the markers in minutes, but the top of the circle is broken with text showing your next calendar event or appointment.

Probably the length of this will vary depending on the title of the next event, but it will also have certain limits.

This information is currently displayed on two Apple Watch faces, chronograph and tool.

The Apple Watch Series 4 face makes both of these appear colorless, though.

So while a bottom line of text obviously manages, this gets 12.00 Lunch with Ken Tartine more space. It occupies about one third of the circle or equivalent 20 minutes.

We do not know who Ken is but he could meet us at the Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. We should put off soon, then: Tartine has two restaurants in town, and both are about an hour's drive from the Apple Park in Cupertino.


Previously, weather complication could show you the temperature, but this new version uses extra space to provide more.

It still shows the current temperature, but it is above a bar with the current minimum and maximum. Notice the circle in the line that shows where in the area we are now.

Day and Date

Even if it's only day and date, this is actually significantly clearer than any previous equivalent. So far, this information has been limited to either a slight complication or a shortened text line over digital time views.

It's curious that it shows Wednesday 23 and not, for example, Wednesday 12. It is the day when this picture is scheduled to be displayed publicly.


This is the only complication, as shown in this example, that you can interact with using Digital Crown.

When you put that crown, the circle representing the volume will increase or decrease. At lower volume, the circle will probably be green: Apple is eager to warn you when things get a bit high.


Some have not got up much today. This is the activity complication that is updated to show your workout during the day and again it is clearer than before. The Siri face had an icon of similar size in its scrolling list of items.

Otherwise, the activity was either a monochrome complication or a big icon behind the clock in its own face.


The full astronomy face shows you either the same view of the Earth showing the terminator between day and night or equivalent view of the moon.


At the bottom left is the current Ultraviolet Index. Example 3.6 comes in the area where advice is to stay in the shade as much as possible.

What matters with this is where the data can come from. Earlier this year, Apple initiated a patent for "Light-based Shielding Detection" describing a portable sunscreen detector.

The filing contained a specific mention of Apple Watch and described the detector as something that could be "attached to a portable electronic device".

Sunrise / Sunset

This last complication is one that uses additional space available on the screen, but possibly unnecessary.

That's what current watches call sunrise / sunset complication. Here the time shows the sunset today, 7:30 but also the fact that this is 9 hours and 21 minutes.

You have sunset time and you watch a watch, it's difficult to know how often you want the extra information.

Also note that complications one and nine have a similar pattern. They actually display information like the countdown or sunset time around the circle of the watch face and have an icon on the corner. By comparison, Complications use three and eight both icons to display the most important data.

Given that you can assume that the sunset icon will switch to a sunrise one at the appropriate times, it is likely that the timer you may be able to switch to a stopwatch as well.


You will find either this number of complications impressive or wrong. Either way, the fact that so much can be displayed as readable and clear is a sign of the larger display area.

It will of course be why Apple chose this face to show off the new Watch. But it is part of us who look forward to seeing Mickey Mouse on it as well.

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