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We present Engadget’s 2021 school gift guide!

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We know you may not be ready to go back to school yet – but being prepared for the inevitable return can not hurt. Between beach days and summer barbecues, it’s worth starting to think about all the things you need for the new school year, because no one likes to scramble around supplies at the last minute.

We hope our annual school gift guide can help students everywhere find out what they need in good time before returning to campus in the fall. Since technology is one of the things we have, we have a number of portable recommendations suitable for all kinds of students (and all budgets) along with a choice of dormitories, study items and useful gadgets that come in under $ 50. And for those of you who are small, our staff share their favorite training toys for kids in case you want to add something new to your repertoire.

We know that feeling different at school this year. It can even make you feel worried for various reasons. But we hope our product recommendations can alleviate at least one source of stress. Find out what tools you need to be your best academic self, and what gadgets you want to invest in to make your time at school easier (and maybe a little more fun).

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