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WayForward ends Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Development Team

Blood Stained: Rituals of the Night The long-awaited Kickstarter-funded project from former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi, gets help from another studio to help wrap the development. WayForward, best known for platform players like the Shantae games, is now on the track.

"Unlike their past achievements, WayForward will help the development team realize the vision for this game," wrote Igarashi in the latest developer's update. "Maybe I'm even more excited than anyone else – with your help Bloodstained will be an even better game."

WayForward finishes developers DICO and Monobit on the Inti Creates-led project, all of them are Jason Ryan, social director at 505 Games publisher, chimed in at the end of the post to echo Igarashi's excitement. His most crucial addition: WayForward's involvement will help Bloodstained finally let it expire, more than four years after the game was funded.

In August, Igarashi said that the Castlevania-style adventure game would not start until 201

9, two years later, its original March 2017 release window. He attributed this to the development team who had to respond to the backers feedback on a demonstration released earlier this year. At the same time, he announced that the team had canceled a planned White version of Bloodstained .

For when in 2019 the game should come, Ryan asked that the fans were patient.

"To addresses" when "questions appearing whenever we do not announce a release date, I will point out my comment in our previous Kickstarter Update. As soon as we have a specific release date, we will let everyone know. WayForward on the project, we will come closer to that announcement, "he wrote.

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