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[Watch] IGN writer fired for plagiarism reacts with YouTube video

Earlier this week, the game site IGN was burned when their notification for the new indie game Dead Cells was called for plagiarism. IGN opened an investigation and within 24 hours they broke the author Filip Miucin and issued an apology. Miucin has now broken his silence.

In a new YouTube video, Miucin has responded to both the allegations and setbacks that followed in his video and while claiming responsibility … he basically denies the charges by saying that it was not intentional.

"I take full ownership of what happened to Dead Cell's review. There were many circumstances around it, but at the end of the day I was editorial in charge, so if anything matters to me, he says before he explains that he does "research" when making reviews. "The bottom line is what happened to Dead Cell's review was not at all intentional."

As someone who has undergone hundreds of games and movies, the process of "researching" a review as Miucin says is … strange to say the least. Usually, when you get a game for review from the developer / publisher, you get a review guide that works like a giant FAQ for the reviewer. It has a control form, details about modes, plot synopsis, and tons. Not all games include this, but if you have questions, talk to your PR contact person who will help you with any questions you may have. [19659003] I have never personally heard of a reviewer going to read / review other reviews to help formulate his opinions in his review. It essentially matters to you about something if you're just going to regurgitate what somebody else says, but change some words.

Miucin also noted that his YouTube channel through which IGN discovered him contains all his own "original work" "And singles out the game contact Kotaku by telling them to" keep watching. "This comment comes after Kotaku's acclaimed author , Jason Schreier, wrote an article stating that the Miucin's FIFA 18 review was very similar to that NintendoLife wrote. Miucin continued to talk down to Schreier, a proven journalist, saying that he used Miucin's name for "click" and to "kick him while he is down."

All in all, Miucin's answer (not even really an excuse, honestly) is the one who leaves authors like myself, scratching our heads. Evidence was probably not only for the IGN burn him but enough for all of us to come to our own conclusions about what happened but he claims it was not intentional. Although we do not want to attack Filip Miucin, it's bizarre, frustrating and not so scary or disturbing they will not fully admit his actions.

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