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Warzone’s “good mode” hack has returned and is worse than ever

The worst hack ever on Warzone is back and worse than ever. In this version of “god mode” the player not only has unlimited health, you can not even shoot a bullet into them.

If you thought killing a hacker was difficult enough, you can get a rough treat with this new and improved Warzone hack.

Raven Software said it banned over 50,000 hackers with its wave of July bans, but it looks like they may have missed some big ones.

This new version of “god mode” is blowing people’s minds.

New Warzone God Mode Hack

Warzone has seen “good fashion” before, but never like this.

Improved God-mode hack falls into Verdansk

Invincibility has been a Call of Duty game for years. In this version of “god mode” a player can shoot as many bullets as they want at the hacker, but they never get a hit marker or do any kind of damage.

If you think you saw all kinds of cheating. No, you did not. from CODWarzone

In this clip you see the player shoot many magazines into the hacker with “good mode”, and none of them do damage or register as hits. At one point, you even see players trying to murder the cheater, but the player simply stands up and continues to kill everyone.

A Redditor dNStreetMW said: “This is GG for Warzone. This cheat was only at a certain point soon, and now it’s here. Good fashion yes … the GG Warzone game is made for. ”

While another Redditor named Suitable-Dingo-3666 wants to see the ultimate game Warzone, two “good fashion” users in a lobby.

It raises a solid point, if two players had it hacked on what would happen to the game? Will it continue forever, or will the gas eventually kill one of the hackers?

In an older version of “god mode”, players could still shoot the cheater and register bullets, but the other person would simply have too much health to do much damage.

Hacking has been a major issue in Warzone for quite some time now, and society is getting impatient for Activision to implement a proper anti-cheat system. Time will tell, but for now society’s response continues to be negative until a sufficient anti-cheat is implemented.

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