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Warzone shadow ban to force players to play with cheaters

A number of Call of Duty content creators, streamers and regular players believed that they had been “shadow banned” or “blacklisted” in Warzone, and were forced into lobbies full of hackers, only to be reported by opponents.

Cheating has been a constant thorn in Warzone’s side since day one, as crossplay makes aimbots, wallhacks and other unfair advantages widespread even for console gamers.

There is a reporting feature in the game, which allows any player to report any opponent for cheating with just a few keystrokes. The increase in cheating has made many players too suspicious, and false reports are therefore very common.

Now some players claim that despite not cheating, they are reported as cheaters thanks to a naturally good goal ̵

1; especially with the incredibly overpowered DMR that now dominates Verdansk.

Two players running in Warzone with weapons drawn
YouTube: Call of Duty

Players believe that their account will be shadowed – just because they were reported.

Warzone shadow ban for suspected fraudsters

It seems – but can not be confirmed – that if your account is frequently reported for cheating, you may be placed in lobbies with a lower trust factor (ie with other players who are also frequently reported for cheating).

If true, it would mean that good players, who play pretty much without cheating, could find themselves in an endless loop with hackers facing up just because they were reported. The problem was raised by popular YouTuber Tomographic, who explained his own experience.

“Essentially, my account has been blacklisted from the matchmaking system, and I’ve now been moved into a ‘cheat bracket,'” YouTuber explains. “I run into countless cheaters now. And it sucks that I can not play with my friends, because all my games are occupied by cheaters. The matchmaking system views me as one of the villains, and it ruins the game for everyone else. ”

He claims that while playing with friends, other YouTubers Aculite and JackFrags, they constantly ran on cheaters. But after Tomographic left the party, the other duo said they were no longer cheating on cheaters at all.

And it’s not just cheaters. One of the other disadvantages of this problem is much longer queue times. Tomographic reports wait up to 20 minutes to find a match. And even when a match is found, the connection is poor, with high ping and violent with cheaters.

In the past, players have reported similar ‘shadow bans’ in the Modern Warfare multiplayer base. In October, another YouTuber, Expel, claims that he had a similar experience, with fights full of cheaters and very bad connections.

Warzone players banned ‘for no reason’

On the Activision forums, the players claim that they also have a shadow ban, without useful answers from the support teams.

A player complains about “200 ping matches” and “even if you find a game you are matched with hackers.” They continue: “It is a pity that this is how the game works now, normal player gets a shadow ban for no reason and is stuck with malicious people who prefer to cheat the game.”

DMR and Warzone

The tactical rifle DMR 14 has taken over in Warzone, and made several players believe that they have been tricked.

There is no response to the forums from Activision Support – nor is it likely that anyone will come. For a system like this to work, it must be kept under wrapping, to prevent anyone from trying to abuse it.

But in the current implementation, it seems that players can maliciously target an opponent with false ban reports, or just mistakenly believe that they are cheating. This can cause the account to be ‘blacklisted’ from the regular matchmaking pool.

The problem has the potential to get worse while the DMR 14 remains the strongest gun in the game. Players who are killed so quickly by this highly damaged weapon may be more likely to report their killer for cheating.

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