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Warzone-pro MuTeX shuts down hacking allegations with absurd 5-camera power

Former Call of Duty professional and current Warzone streamer, Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma, has taken things to the extreme after being accused of hacking. To dispel the allegations, he streamed around … five cameras.

In recent days, MuTeX has become center of hacking allegations. He denied the allegations about the use of Cronus Zen and hacking software, but decided to take things a step further.

A former CoD pro, MuTeX already uses a handheld camera to show how he plays claw. But with growing concern about hacking, he chose extra evidence. In what may seem like overkill to some people, MuTeX has now set up five different cameras during the game.

With all these different angles, people can see that he does not use a Cronus, does not have hacks on the screen and does not have hacks on the other screen. The streamer has basically covered all the bases by covering his room in monitoring hardware.

As you can see in the clip, the man known as MuMu is now in his very own Orwellian state of surveillance. He is tired of hacking accusations and is committed to singing about them while disproving everyone.

There are different ways to check if people are hacking in Warzone, but there are many ways to hide cheating as well. Perhaps the most notorious example of a hacker being caught was when Tommey caught a cheater live during a tournament.

In that incident, Tommey asked his suspect about a monitor check: “Without touching any tempo, turn the camera on the screen very quickly.”

; The opposition to doing this was taken as proof that Pacesetter cheated and that the player has not played in a tournament since.

MuMu, unlike Pace, has not only deliberately shown his screen camera – he has also added four other cameras. At the moment, it is still unclear whether this is enough to satisfy prosecutors, but they have now begun to be trolled by the entire Twitter world as well.

For the sake of the environment, one can only hope that MuTeX will be allowed to stop using five different cameras. For the sake of the Warzone community, hopefully people are not starting to take the Google Glasses accusations seriously.

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